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Clients: Levi's, Lore Van Keer, Xandres, Ellesse, ELLE magazine, Karolin Van Loon, Marie Jo, Julia June, Tomorrowland,  Van De Velde, Terre Bleue, Mayerline, Esprit ...


Light seems to be purer in Oona Smet’s pictures than in real life —or maybe that’s just proof of what thirteen years of experience can catch in a single click. Based in Antwerp, Oona has made her trademark of fashion imagery that favours honesty over frivolity. Carefully chiselling away all that is superfluous, her images leave you with just the essence. 

A thoroughbred photographer, Oona is a versatile image-maker with strong roots in graphic design. This combination of skills and understanding of the subtleties of branding has shaped her visual language, making it graphic, balanced and intelligent. The aim is not just to capture an image, but to create distinct brands through consistent imagery, from photography over graphic design to video. In 2015 she won the award for Best Young Fashion Photographer @ Knack Weekend Awards.

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